Are you filling the same vacancy on a regular basis, or are you just aiming to hire faster with little hassle? A promoted company pool enables you to continuously and automatically grow your network with qualified people who are interested to work at your company. This in turn gives you the opportunity to fill your vacancies quickly by reaching out to qualified and interested candidates!

How do I add a promoted company pool?

On the network page and on the home page you can enquire about promoted company pools. If you do we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible! 

When do I need to add an extra promoted company pool?

Adding more promoted company pools allows you to share different requirements for different target audiences. Per company pool you are able to add a maximum of 2 ‘job functions’ (for instance, finance, sales, engineering). That way we can ensure that your company is only suggested to people that are truly interested in the jobs you offer.

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