Your company profile can be instantly activated once the minimum requirements below are met.

1. Logo

Recommended resolution: 300x300px, an ideal ratio of 1:1

2. Cover photo

Your cover photo is your visitor’s first impression of your organisation. It should ideally portray the environment they will work in. You can add more photos to your company page to show even more of your office. Minimum size: 1920x640px, an ideal ratio of 3:1.

3. Write your company description

Explain who you are in one or two sentences. Also share your company's location, no. of employees and your industry. That way job seekers can quickly understand what type of company you are and we'll use this information to match you with the right people!

4. A minimum of 2 cards to the ‘Story’ section

Here you can dive a tad deeper into describing your company accompanied by photos and videos. Recommended subjects include: company history (how it all started), your culture, vision and mission, and/or what it is your company looks for in an applicant. Showing off who you truly are will reduce the no. of applicants that don't have a cultural fit and will boost the no. of qualified applicants that match your culture!

We also recommend the following additions to your company page:


On your 'Opportunities' page you can post all your current and upcoming jobs, internships and events.

Promoted company pools

Are you filling the same vacancy on a regular basis, or are you just aiming to hire faster with little hassle? A promoted company pool enables you to continuously and automatically grow your network with qualified people who are interested to work at your company. This in turn gives you the opportunity to fill your vacancies quickly by reaching out to qualified and interested candidates! You can activate these promoted company pool(s) once your company page has been activated. 


On your 'People' page you can post the profile of your currently employed students and graduates and their experiences of what it's like to for your company. This gives visitors of your profile a better picture of you as a potential employer.

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